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Sunday night January 20, 2013    Men's Tie Night
Pictures for Matt's New Year's Eve Dance Party
Christmas Pictures  
snowflake dance on Dec. 7, 2912  
  Pictures from October 19 Sweetest Day Dance Party
Pictures from August 17, 2012   labor Day 2012
Singles Dance Parties   Western Night July 13, 2012
singles dance june 8 2012 pictures   singles dance pictures
Singles dances  
  singles dance toledo
singles dances pictures  
  singles dance photo Gallery
singles dances pictures from March 9, 2012   singles dance March 23, 2012
singles dance valentine's day special   singles dance Annie's Birthday Party
singles dance sunday jan 29,2012   singles dance westcoast swing lessons
singles dance wednesday night   singles dances in toledo
singles dance Sunday Night at the Party Hall   singles dance christmas friday 23 2011
singles dances   singles dance December  9, 2011 Pictures